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In a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain and ambiguous, there is a plethora of research now available showing that teams consistently outperform individuals. Cohesive Teams are at the heart of business sustainability and growth. A critical question for human organisations of all nature is how to build sustainable teams and communities of stakeholders and tap into their collective power.

The MasterMinds proposes a range of experiences designed with that intent in mind, and which usually include a challenge that will compel participants to draw within to find individual and collective resources that they did not know existed. On this page, you will find information, pictures & videos of some of the programmes that we have put together to that intent, Fires of Excellence, The Cutting Edge Glasswalk Experience and the MasterMinds Breakthrough Experience.

When they hear about the powerfully transformative challenges we propose, many clients want to know more. It takes a stretch of imagination for someone who has never, say walked on fire, to get an understanding of the dramatic bonding effect the experience can create.

While it is impossible to fully render on a website the depth of transformative potential that those experiences hold, we’ve gathered written and visual information here to give you a sense of what they may be, what they may do for you, and how they may unfold.

Despite the strong feelings that they may evoke and the questions that arise when we make mention of them, those experiences are just and only metaphors. Powerful metaphors. In our lives, in our businesses, in our relationships, we encounter obstacles that seem at the time overwhelming, we stand in front of walls that seem impossible to climb, we fight for lands that seem unconquerable, we look at lights that seem unreachable.

Our beliefs have more power to hold us back than anything else, individually and collectively. Having overcome a seemingly impossible challenge, we find resources inside that we did not know existed which gives us the impetus to creatively move forward & take innovative action. Facing overwhelming obstacles and conquering them as a group creates deeply enduring attachments between members.

While our work is done in organisations of different types, we also hold public experiences regularly. Visit the online schedule of workshops & sign up website.

If you wish to know more about how The MasterMinds signature blend of cognitive technologies, physical challenges and group processes can assist your company, contact us now.


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