Look beyond the obstacle and take a step forward. The arrow is just a metaphor for what keeps us from going forward in life.

It is often the first step that keeps us from taking action. It sometimes feels like there is an arrow pointing toward your neck and… what would happen if you stepped forward? It is just an arrow pointing toward your neck, and it’s just one step forward.

Einstein, when asked to explain in layman terms his theory of relativity, said: “when you are having dinner with a beautiful woman, 2 hours feel like 2 minutes. When you sit on a hot stove, 2 minutes feel like 2 hours”.

When you stand at the feet of a hill looking up, it looks impressively high, and you don’t see what’s behind it. But when you stand on top of it looking down, don’t you get a totally different outlook? If you focus on the obstacle, chances are you are missing on the infinity of opportunities that lie beyond it.

The MasterMinds Breakthrough Experience is an opportunity to transform how we see obstacles.

We use 100% cedar wood canadian made training arrows.

See a video of an arrow break we did for Louis Vuitton “The Ultimate Quest” in March 2008. Click this link.


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