Glasswalk “The Cutting Edge Experience”

A little story….
Two children in a farmyard…
A 5 years old boy is playing, climbing up a huge tractor’s tyre left in a corner, much taller than him. As the boy struggles to reach the top, the tyre gets out of balance, vacillates, to finally falls to the ground trapping the boy beneath it and blocking his ribcage.
His sister, 10 years old, hearing a desperate shout gets to the scene as the tyre is falling. She does not think…She does not assess the situation…She rushes to her brother, with one hand lifts the tyre, and with the other, pulls him out to safety. The little boy’s life is saved.
Parents showing supernatural strength to save their children…People displaying extraordinary powers in extraordinary situations…Have you heard a story or did you live through an experience where human beings suddenly seemed to develop phenomenal powers, strength and energy?
What people have said:
When I got to that point, having been saying to myself “I cannot do this”, to taking a breath and facing the challenge, I realized it was my internal resolve that would get me though, I drew from within and then felt quite elated at beating the obstacle. “
This experience has just strengthened my belief in what I can achieve. Someone even commented that I look different!
It’s the best thing that has happened to me!
I am finding the experience more valuable each day, and also realizing the truth of your statement that the most important part is what one leaves in the bucket. I am viewing things differently, from a more internally-oriented perspective, and therefore making better, more intuitive, decision. Thanks ever so much – I am most appreciative of this experience, and look forward to its unfolding impact.
What teams have said:
“The special bonds we created that day are still lasting today, 6 months later.”
“I will never see my team members the same way again.”
“I was in front of the glass, and I was not sure I could go ahead. Then i turned my head, saw my team around me, and I knew I was not alone.”
“As a team, it has given us the energy to move forward toward our goals.”
“During meetings, when we get stuck, we remind ourselves that if we walked on broken glass, there is nothing we cannot achieve.”
“What we experienced as a team was just unique. It is difficult to explain. We listen to each other more, we respect each other more, we like each other more.”


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