Firewalk ‘Leap of Faith’

Firewalking has been around for thousands of years.¬†Facing a bed of red-hot coals brings out intense feelings that we are not usually aware of, giving us a chance to contact the power within. After the experience, many participants have an overwhelming feeling of “life will never be the same”.
Firewalking is a metaphor for life: we walk the fire with a level of energy equal to that of the fire. Similarly, when we face challenge with an equal level of life energy, we get results. The experience creates a strong sense of ‘being in it together’.

This is the main video of the YPO & WPO event “Leap Of Faith”.

Click on the links below to open it in another window (it’s a large file, so it may take a little while to open).

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YPO Leap Of Faith Main video (iTunes & Quicktime format)

YPO Leap Of Faith Main video (Windows Media Player format)


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